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Following a Family :: Wedding and Lifestyle Photography in DC :: The Ceceres


This is why I do what I do!

I’ve been photographing this family since 2008 and it’s such a joy to watch their love and family grow. Last fall we did a session with the crew and it was such a blast! James and Kristina, thank you for inviting me into your lives, year after year!

I would love to continue (or start!) documenting your love story, too.

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January and February Wedding Anniversaries

Happy anniversary to my couples married in January and February!

While most of my couples tend to marry in the spring or fall, it is really fun to do wedding “off season” like in January or February. The weather can be unpredictable, but when planners are involved, it always works out!


Kelli + Bryan
January 9, 2010

Church: Lord of Life West
Coordinator: Cara Berger
2nd Shooter: Jaime Windon
Reception + Catering: Heritage Hunt
Flowers: Growing Wild
Desserts: Market Salamander
Transportation: Reston Limousine
Band: Retrospect
Hotel: Hyatt Fair Lake
Kacey + EZ
January 27, 2011
Venue: Old Town Westin
Kira + Colin
February 11, 2011
Venue: Cloisters Castle
Dress: made by Kira’s grandmother
Sarah + Tyger
February 14, 2009
Venue: Arts Club of Washington
Planner: Wish Special Events
Cake: Heidelberg Pastry Shoppe
Florals: English Rose Garden
Hair: Tom of VSL Hair Design
Makeup: Lauren Ogden

Best Wedding Vendor Award :: Washingtonian Bride & Groom



Honored to once again be selected as a Best Wedding Vendor by Washingtonian Bride & Groom. Thank you to the wonderful clients and fellow vendors who made this possible. It’s always such a treat to be selected for this award.

Following a Family :: Wedding and Lifestyle Photography in DC :: The Avins

This is why I do what I do!

I’ve been photographing the Avins for six (almost 7!) years now and it’s such a joy to watch their love and family grow. A few weeks ago I got to meet baby Brinn- she’s just the cutest! I would love to continue (or start!) documenting your love story, too.

It’s just such a cool thing to follow a family from their engagement, to their wedding, to their maternity, newborn, and family sessions. Honestly? It’s the best thing I get to do in my business. I love love love being able to do this and it is such a thrill to continue documenting such amazing families.

Gil and Elaine, (and A + B!) thank you, thank you, thank you for letting me document a part of your lives and journeys as a family!










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Park Hyatt DC Black Tie New Year’s Eve Wedding :: Heather + Jeff

Whew! Where do I even start with this amazing DC New Year’s Eve wedding at the Park Hyatt?!

In my twelve wedding seasons, I’ve never done a new year’s wedding so yesterday was such a treat!

Heather and Jeff have been a dream to work with- from our first meeting, to their Georgetown engagement session, to the wedding, we’ve just had the best time!

This black tie Georgetown wedding started with Heather and her best ladies getting ready in the bridal suite- complete with matching pjs! They let the champagne flow as they got their hair and makeup done and got ready for the big night.

Heather and Jeff chose to see each other before the ketubah signing and ceremony- it was a very sweet moment on the mezzanine at the Park Hyatt. After their first look, we spent some time taking formal photos under their GORGEOUS huppah. Following formal photos, Heather and Jeff signed their ketubah their their immediate family and then it was time for the ceremony. The ceremony room looked unbelievable with a stunning white runner with petals, huge rounds of hydrangeas and spray roses.

After a cocktail hour in the lobby, guests were wowed with the transformation of the ceremony space to an incredible reception. The lighting, the tables, the band- it was breathtaking!

As the bridal party and newly minted couple were introduced, the band had already riled up all the guests onto the dance floor- so much fun! Before dinner there was a dance set, including an epic Hava Nagila.

Another fun detail- one of the bridesmaids is in the band that played- SO MUCH FUN!


As the clock got closer to midnight, the band counted it down and poppers and horns were passed around. Heather and Jeff kissed on the stage as streamers flew by- talk about romantic!

Heather and Jeff- thank you for having Mary Kate McKenna Photography be a part of your amazing night!

A huge thank you to all the vendors involved:



park_hyatt_dc_wedding_newyearseve_heatherjeff_0001 park_hyatt_dc_wedding_newyearseve_heatherjeff_0002 park_hyatt_dc_wedding_newyearseve_heatherjeff_0003 park_hyatt_dc_wedding_newyearseve_heatherjeff_0004 park_hyatt_dc_wedding_newyearseve_heatherjeff_0005 park_hyatt_dc_wedding_newyearseve_heatherjeff_0006 park_hyatt_dc_wedding_newyearseve_heatherjeff_0007 park_hyatt_dc_wedding_newyearseve_heatherjeff_0008 park_hyatt_dc_wedding_newyearseve_heatherjeff_0009 park_hyatt_dc_wedding_newyearseve_heatherjeff_0010 park_hyatt_dc_wedding_newyearseve_heatherjeff_0011 park_hyatt_dc_wedding_newyearseve_heatherjeff_0012 park_hyatt_dc_wedding_newyearseve_heatherjeff_0013 park_hyatt_dc_wedding_newyearseve_heatherjeff_0014park_hyatt_dc_wedding_newyearseve_heatherjeff_0016park_hyatt_dc_wedding_newyearseve_heatherjeff_0017park_hyatt_dc_wedding_newyearseve_heatherjeff_0018park_hyatt_dc_wedding_newyearseve_heatherjeff_0019park_hyatt_dc_wedding_newyearseve_heatherjeff_0020park_hyatt_dc_wedding_newyearseve_heatherjeff_0021park_hyatt_dc_wedding_newyearseve_heatherjeff_0022park_hyatt_dc_wedding_newyearseve_heatherjeff_0023park_hyatt_dc_wedding_newyearseve_heatherjeff_0015 park_hyatt_dc_wedding_newyearseve_heatherjeff_0024park_hyatt_dc_wedding_newyearseve_heatherjeff_0026park_hyatt_dc_wedding_newyearseve_heatherjeff_0025park_hyatt_dc_wedding_newyearseve_heatherjeff_0028park_hyatt_dc_wedding_newyearseve_heatherjeff_0027 park_hyatt_dc_wedding_newyearseve_heatherjeff_0029 park_hyatt_dc_wedding_newyearseve_heatherjeff_0030 park_hyatt_dc_wedding_newyearseve_heatherjeff_0031 park_hyatt_dc_wedding_newyearseve_heatherjeff_0032 park_hyatt_dc_wedding_newyearseve_heatherjeff_0033 park_hyatt_dc_wedding_newyearseve_heatherjeff_0034 park_hyatt_dc_wedding_newyearseve_heatherjeff_0035 park_hyatt_dc_wedding_newyearseve_heatherjeff_0036 park_hyatt_dc_wedding_newyearseve_heatherjeff_0037 park_hyatt_dc_wedding_newyearseve_heatherjeff_0038 park_hyatt_dc_wedding_newyearseve_heatherjeff_0039 park_hyatt_dc_wedding_newyearseve_heatherjeff_0040 park_hyatt_dc_wedding_newyearseve_heatherjeff_0041 park_hyatt_dc_wedding_newyearseve_heatherjeff_0042

December Wedding Anniversaries :: Mary Kate McKenna Photography

December can be a lovely time for a wedding- and I love the rich, bold colors my couples choose to use! I have photographed some wonderful December weddings over the years.

Happy anniversary to these lovely couples!


Tom and Deanna :: Eliot, Maine




Jennifer + Brian :: Strathmore :: Bethesda, Maryland




Lucy + Matt :: Mrs K’s Tollhouse





Cheryl + Robert :: National Presbyterian Church




Melissa + Thomas :: Bull Run Golf Club

Mary Kate McKenna Photography :: November Wedding Anniversaries!

November is here and it’s always fun to look back and celebrate some wedding anniversaries. Happy special days to these couples!

Megan + John, 2006

Laura + Michael, 2011

Kari + Tim, 2009

Jennifer + Tony, 2014

Rebecca + Adam, 2008

Katelyn + Kyle, 2014

Veronica + Brian, 2007

Rosalind + Michael, 2006

Stephanie + Bill, 2008

Anna + Paul, 2012

Melissa + Luis, 2006

Luisa + Gabriel, 2010

Julie + Darren, 2007

Downtown Frederick Backyard Wedding :: Elise + Randy


I don’t even know where to begin with these two!

Elise and Randy had the sweetest backyard wedding. Five guests, two pups and a bride and groom. So perfect.

E and L bought a house in Downtown Frederick in August and it was the backdrop for their vows.

One of my very favorite parts of the wedding is that their pups were very involved. While Elise and Randy exchanged vows in their backyard, the two pups free ranged- sniffing the guests and wandering the perimeter. But when Randy’s special dog stood by his side (best groomsmen ever?!) and wouldn’t leave, I think everyone’s heart burst!

Two darling cakes from the Stone Hearth, a bakery right around the corner from their home and Greek food from their favorite local place capped the end of their joyous day!




Downtown Frederick, Maryland Wedding :: Marj + Phil

Marj + Phil are married and it was the best!


These two are so in love and it was so much fun to document their day. They live in Frederick (yay, Frederick!) and every part of their day reflected their love for this city. The weather was beyond perfection and we got to snap some really sweet moments. It’s pretty clear to see that Marj and Phil are head over heels!

The evening ended with a beautiful, intimate dinner at Reina, a favorite restaurant of the two love birds.

Many thanks to Barbara Daniels, pastor at ERCUCC for being such a rockstar and showing me all the good places in her beautiful church to capture the ceremony.

ceremony :: Evangelical Reformed Church United Church of Christ

reception :: Reina Modern Latin Bistro

cake :: Cakes To Die For

rings :: Colonial Jewelers

flowers :: Wildflower Weddings at Bend in the River Farms

keyboard :: Morrie Kelsey



Summer Ceresville Mansion Wedding :: Frederick, Maryland :: Monique + Stephen

This was one of those summer weddings that just made you smile from ear to ear! After Monique & Stephen’s engagement session, I knew the wedding would be wonderful. It started with one of the most relaxed bridal party suites- Monique and her bridesmaids were so chill in the getting ready suite at Ceresvilel Mansion. A little music, lots of curling irons, and a lot of joking around. Across the hall the guys were no different- relaxing and watching videos on their phones.

August weddings can be warm, and this one was no different. There was lots of water to go around before the ceremony began. The warm sun shined down on their gorgeous and sweet ceremony before we did family formals and then some portraits of just the couple.

The afternoon ended with a lovely luncheon and some fun dancing. The sweetest moment was when Stephen and his mother danced together- so many tears! It was just such a beautiful moment!

Congrats Monique and Stephen! Best wishes in your new married life together!

Photography :: Mary Kate McKenna Photography

Venue :: Ceresville Mansion

Floral :: Candlelight Floral Designs

DJ :: Bialek’s Music

Cake :: SugarBakers Cakes

Hair and Make Up :: Tiffany Lumpkin Hair & Makeup

ceresville_mansion_summerwedding_marykatemckenna_1 ceresville_mansion_summerwedding_marykatemckenna_2 ceresville_mansion_summerwedding_marykatemckenna_3 ceresville_mansion_summerwedding_marykatemckenna_4 ceresville_mansion_summerwedding_marykatemckenna_5 ceresville_mansion_summerwedding_marykatemckenna_6 ceresville_mansion_summerwedding_marykatemckenna_7 ceresville_mansion_summerwedding_marykatemckenna_8 ceresville_mansion_summerwedding_marykatemckenna_9 ceresville_mansion_summerwedding_marykatemckenna_10 ceresville_mansion_summerwedding_marykatemckenna_11 ceresville_mansion_summerwedding_marykatemckenna_12 ceresville_mansion_summerwedding_marykatemckenna_13 ceresville_mansion_summerwedding_marykatemckenna_14 ceresville_mansion_summerwedding_marykatemckenna_15 ceresville_mansion_summerwedding_marykatemckenna_16 ceresville_mansion_summerwedding_marykatemckenna_17 ceresville_mansion_summerwedding_marykatemckenna_18 ceresville_mansion_summerwedding_marykatemckenna_19 ceresville_mansion_summerwedding_marykatemckenna_20 ceresville_mansion_summerwedding_marykatemckenna_21 ceresville_mansion_summerwedding_marykatemckenna_22 ceresville_mansion_summerwedding_marykatemckenna_23 ceresville_mansion_summerwedding_marykatemckenna_24 ceresville_mansion_summerwedding_marykatemckenna_25 ceresville_mansion_summerwedding_marykatemckenna_26 ceresville_mansion_summerwedding_marykatemckenna_27 ceresville_mansion_summerwedding_marykatemckenna_28