Mini and Micro Weddings :: Frederick, Maryland :: Will + Monique

I have been photographing small (I think it’s cool to call them “micro” now, right?) weddings since before they were trendy/necessary.

Several years ago I made a conscious decision to seek out clients with smaller weddings. There were a lot of reasons for this, but mostly it came down to the fact that being gone for 10, 12, sometimes 14 hours on a Saturday didn’t work for me and my family anymore.

Most of the weddings I photograph now are between two and four hours long. Some have wedding parties, some don’t. Some have receptions, some don’t.

But the size of the event doesn’t change the love involved. I am so happy that so many are choosing this style of wedding- they are truly my favorite!

Will and Monique are free and fun spirits who wanted a laid-back and family-centered celebration- and that’s what they got! I so enjoyed being a small part of their wedding!

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