Covid :: Day in my life :: Frederick, Maryland


While I am not ready for cold weather, I am ready for non-90 degree days.

We spent a lot of time at home (what’s new?) and I started clearing out Max’s clothes to start adding in the next size… all moms get sad about that, right? It’s so 😭😭😭 folding up the clothes I loved him wearing and passing them on to another family. Necessary, but ugh.

We have really started to get into a rhythm over here and are somehow making this bananas schedule sorta work. We both get up at 5 to work out, then shower, eat breakfast, then get as much work done as we can before Max wakes up at 7:30/8.

While Max eats breakfast I return emails or catch up on news. At 9 our babysitter comes and relieves Joe and me of childcare duties so we can dive fully into our work for a few hours. I decided to document this little routine a few weeks ago- just to remember this sliver in time.

What’s your routine? What’s working for you and your family?

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