Fall Family Portraits in Frederick, Maryland and Northern Virginia

I’m not really sure what the fall is going to look like for photos. I don’t think anyone does.

I photograph so many families in October and November and I don’t know if that’s something we’ll be able to do this year. The thought of that breaks my heart.

Looking at the trends and where our country (and our local states) are headed- it’s scary. Sure- I’ll wear a mask and we can stay 6+ feet apart like we do now, but I have a feeling, deep in my gut, come October/November, we’ll be in something of a lockdown like we were in March/April.

I also have to consider that I have a husband with asthma and one kidney and my mom is getting ready to move in with us.

For this reason, I am encouraging clients who want to do a photo session this year, for either holiday cards or just their yearly session, to consider booking now- for late July, August and September.

It might be warmer than you’d like, but it’s the only way we can guarantee we will get it in. The safety of your family and my family comes before anything else- even my business, even beautiful holiday cards and prints.

So if you’re thinking of a photo session this year, to document your beautiful family, to shake up a routine, to support a local small business, consider booking now.

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