Baltimore Gay Jewish Wedding

I got to photograph a small, intimate same-sex wedding today and when I left my feet were exhausted (doesn’t take much these days) but my heart was happy.

In a very traditional Jewish ceremony, at one of the groom’s childhood temples, they said their vows under a huppah, a sibling holding each corner.

There was nothing particularly different about this wedding, which is actually what made me so happy.

This may not seem like a big deal, but when I photographed my first same-sex wedding eleven years ago, it was still… a thing.

Today, elderly guests and young friends alike took part and embraced this special day like any other wedding. No one acted strange, made any comments, said awkward jokes. All guests were there to support and celebrate the grooms, grandparents to babies.

In conclusion, it was your run of the mill (wonderful, sweet, full of joy) wedding and that’s what made it so awesome.

May we all be able to love fully, deeply and just be ourselves with those who mean so much. Because that is truly everything.

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