Park Hyatt DC Black Tie New Year’s Eve Wedding :: Heather + Jeff

Whew! Where do I even start with this amazing DC New Year’s Eve wedding at the Park Hyatt?!

In my twelve wedding seasons, I’ve never done a new year’s wedding so yesterday was such a treat!

Heather and Jeff have been a dream to work with- from our first meeting, to their Georgetown engagement session, to the wedding, we’ve just had the best time!

This black tie Georgetown wedding started with Heather and her best ladies getting ready in the bridal suite- complete with matching pjs! They let the champagne flow as they got their hair and makeup done and got ready for the big night.

Heather and Jeff chose to see each other before the ketubah signing and ceremony- it was a very sweet moment on the mezzanine at the Park Hyatt. After their first look, we spent some time taking formal photos under their GORGEOUS huppah. Following formal photos, Heather and Jeff signed their ketubah their their immediate family and then it was time for the ceremony. The ceremony room looked unbelievable with a stunning white runner with petals, huge rounds of hydrangeas and spray roses.

After a cocktail hour in the lobby, guests were wowed with the transformation of the ceremony space to an incredible reception. The lighting, the tables, the band- it was breathtaking!

As the bridal party and newly minted couple were introduced, the band had already riled up all the guests onto the dance floor- so much fun! Before dinner there was a dance set, including an epic Hava Nagila.

Another fun detail- one of the bridesmaids is in the band that played- SO MUCH FUN!


As the clock got closer to midnight, the band counted it down and poppers and horns were passed around. Heather and Jeff kissed on the stage as streamers flew by- talk about romantic!

Heather and Jeff- thank you for having Mary Kate McKenna Photography be a part of your amazing night!

A huge thank you to all the vendors involved:



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