Doors of Frederick, Maryland :: My Year-Long Photo Project

the last door of my Doors of Frederick project! And… it’s my door!


A huge thank you to each and every single one of you who followed, shared, and commented on my year-long project of a door a day in Frederick on Instagram!

I feel accomplished that I was able to actually do it (I wasn’t sure!) and that so many of you enjoyed it. A big thank you also goes to my dear husband Joe for pushing me to do this and going on “Doors of Frederick” treks with me all year.

My very favorite part of this project was hearing from all of you how you spent a little longer looking around our beautiful city and county- to enjoy all the small details that make it so great. Sometimes we take for granted what a special place this is- if we look just a teeny bit longer, you’ll discover some incredible things.

What’s next? Well, I’m excited to announce that there are a few things in the works! I am currently working with Meredith of Tuscan Blue Design and the team at Think Baseline on a POSTER and some cards!

Then, sometime in 2017, we’ll be starting the huge task of a BOOK! Whoa! We will need all of you to help make that happen, so please stick around and keep your eyes and ears open for that information. You can also see all the doors on my website for this project:!

2016 was a wonderful year of exploring and documenting my beloved Frederick. I am so glad you all came along on the journey with me. While

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