DC Wedding :: Sarah and Eric- Washington, DC

Wow! Despite the unseasonal cold, the wedding this weekend was fantastic!
Sarah and Eric are a fantastic couple. They were both all smiles all day. Before the ceremony, we all went out with their wedding party to take some pictures in DC. It was so fun!
First up was the Jefferson Memorial, their favorite place. It was really funny to see all the tourists looking at us like we were crazy. Little kids were saying, “Mom! Mom! A wedding! See the bride?!” Sarah was just glowing and looking amazing. It was such a blast to photograph her and the rest of the bridal party.
Next up was the Capitol where the boys hammed it up. So funny, and the pictures are so them.
The reception was CRAZY! These people know how to party. Like, seriously! It was so fun to watch everyone dance. There were also fireworks for the Cherry Blossom Festival, which were really neat.
After taking the party bus back to the hotel with everyone, I went and immediately started editing all the pictures- and I just couldn’t stop… so into the wee hours I edited and now I’m done! (I took a looooong nap this afternoon, don’t worry)
Sarah and Eric- enjoy your honeymoon in New Zealand!

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