NOAA Event Photography :: Colorado Springs, Colorado and Dauphin Island, Alabama

6 flights in 7 days.

Breakfast in DC.
Lunch in Denver.
Dinner in Colorado Springs.

3 days of non-stop photo shoots.

Breakfast in Colorado Springs.
Lunch in Dallas.
Dinner in Mobile.

2 days of non-stop photo shoots.

Breakfast in Mobile.
Lunch in Memphis.
Dinner in DC.

Just got back from a whirlwind trip with NOAA. 4 Days in Colorado Springs and 3 days in Dauphin Island, Alabama. Both were really nice.

I had never been to Colorado and was amazed with the scenery. I never got over looking out my rear view mirror and seeing Pike’s Peak. It’s an amazing sight to see.

When I wasn’t working at the 23rd National Space Symposium, I snuck off to Garden of the Gods, Seven Falls, and the Bear Creek Nature Center. I wish I had time to visit the Air Force Academy and a few other things, but that will have to wait until another trip.

Then it was off to Alabama. The weather looked scary, but held out enough for all of our events. The people in Alabama were so nice to us, even though we were total city slickers in our suits and heels, as everyone else went about their day in khakis and flip-flops. One of the places we visited, the Dauphin Island Sea Lab, was fantastic. If you’re ever around there, I highly recommend it- you will learn and see a lot.

But now it’s time to settle back in to life in DC and get back to the weddings- here I go!

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