Silver Spring Wedding :: Bidemi and Adrian- Silver Spring, Maryland

What can I even say about this wedding?! Jaime and I had a blast once again with Bidemi and Adrian’s families.

The ceremony was very sweet. I enjoyed the pastor’s version of how Adrian courted Bidemi… Adrian swears it was embellished, but c’mon, who are you going to believe… the pastor or Adrian? 😉

After the ceremony, we headed to the reception- which was totally, completely, and utterly insane. And SO FUN.

These two families know how to celebrate! At most receptions, the bridal party is introduced as they walk to their seats… not here! As the bridal party was announced, friends and family of each guest of honor got behind them and danced in with them! It was so fun to watch, but at the same time incredibly crazy to get pictures.

After several very sweet toasts and a tasty dinner, many of the guests changed (a Sierra Leonian wedding tradition) into even more fabulous outfits, including Adrian & Bidemi. Everyone looked so amazing.

Bidemi and Adrian… what can I even say? Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your wedding. I had such a great time meeting your families, learning about your traditions, and photographing all the special moments. Enjoy your honeymoon in Florida!

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