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American Immigration Council’s 22nd annual Washington D.C. Immigrant Achievement Awards

On Thursday, April 6, the American Immigration Council hosted the annual Washington DC Immigrant Achievement Awards. As part of the Council’s mission to “strengthen America by honoring our immigrant history and shaping how America thinks about and acts towards immigrants and immigration,” three extraordinary immigrants were honored for their enormous impact on their communities. The event was held at the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill

The event also provided exchange visitors with the opportunity to meet immigration attorneys, advocates, and Congressional staff members, the current administration—and supporters of sensible, fair and smart immigration.

This year, Doctors Krishan and Vimal Goyle were awarded for their work as community health advocates who have dedicated their lives to serving low-income and immigrant communities. Additionally, attorney Khizr Khan was honored for his work to defend and advance the contributions of America’s immigrant and Muslim communities.

Originally from India, Doctors Krishan and Vimal Goyle came to Rochester, NY on a visa program and eventually naturalized as citizens. They later moved to Wichita, KS where Krishan served the community to providing pro-bono medical services to those in need while Vimal served the immigrant population delivering babies in a private practice. Later on, Vimal co-founded the Mayflower Clinic, a “safety net” clinic for low-income Kansans and immigrants located in Wichita. After spending decades serving the community of Wichita, Krishan and Vimal moved to New York City to be closer to their family. To this day, they continue to provide healthcare through the hotel workers union of New York City.

Khizr Khan, Constitutional Rights Advocate and a patriotic Muslim American, was born in Pakistan, He attended Punjab University and University Law School. He was licensed to practice law in 1974. He moved to the United Arab Emirates and later to the United States, where he attended Harvard Law School for his LL.M. degree. With Ghazala Khan he is a proud parent of three, including late U.S. Army Captain Humayun Khan and four grandchildren. In 2016, Khizr spoke during the Democratic National Convention in an iconic defense for fair immigration and religious freedom. He continues to defend and advance the contributions of America’s immigrant and Muslim communities through activism and legal defense.

Krishan, Vimal and Khizr now join the ranks of millions of outstanding immigrants who have made a lasting impact on the United States.




Mental Health Association Catoctin Affair Gala 2017

Had the absolute pleasure of photographing the The Catoctin Affair on Saturday, which benefits Mental Health Association of Frederick County, an amazing organization that does so much for our community.

Want to see all the photos from Saturday night and/or purchase some of the images? Head on over here.



Interior Design Photography :: Classic Blue & White Kitchen Remodel :: Washington, DC

Another great interior design photo session with Meredith and Amanda of Tuscan Blue Design!

Tuscan Blue took a traditional 1980’s home located in Metro DC, reorganized the spaces with a new first floor layout, infused a bit of modern details into the interior, and gave it a complete transformation. To create the open floor plan, bulkheads and walls were removed and replaced with a rather large steel beam in the ceiling. The kitchen is now a multi-functional space for a busy family of four that includes a breakfast nook and seating area + fireplace. The classic color scheme of navy & white is used throughout the first floor in the architectural details.

Frederick Corporate Headshots :: Mimi of McLaughlin Family Chiropractic

Meet Mimi of McLaughlin Family Chiropractic! We had a great session this week capturing some updated headshots in her gorgeous Walkersville office.

Mimi’s practice has been serving the Frederick community for 21 years. I know Mimi through Rotary and she’s such a vibrant, fun and caring person. I wanted to make sure that her new updated headshots reflected that. I think we did a good job!

Thanks for having me over at your beautiful Walkersville, Maryland office.




Interior Design Photography :: Modern Farmhouse Kitchen :: Frederick, Maryland

A few weeks ago I worked with Tuscan Blue Design and we styled and photographed a beautiful kitchen remodel that they designed in 2016. It was a foggy day but perfect light for me! This kitchen began as a dated 1990’s space with brown and beige everything. The client wanted a white kitchen that felt warm and inviting. Tuscan Blue Design paired white cabinets with a stained island and amazing natural cherry wood floors. As you scroll through the images notice all the details such as a planked ceiling, a custom bead-board wall, built-in benches, a counter top appliance garage (a dream!), the farmhouse sink, and double side opening ovens.

I drooled a lot at this interior design photo session!

Corporate Photography :: Fullview Virtual

Had a great time photographing AJ for his new company Fullview Virtual.

I’ve known AJ for years (through his wife, Laura. We even did an awesome anniversary session a few years ago!) Fullview virtual is such a cool company! Fullview takes 3D renderings of homes, corporate and office areas so people can take virtual tours of your space. This is so valuable for those selling homes and office space, for architects and interior designers, and for those searching for those spaces. Instead of first going to the property, you can check it out online and decide if you want to further pursue it. So smart!

I met up wit AJ first in Greencastle Pennsylvania to photographing him doing the 3D rendering in a residential space. Then we made our way to two different office spaces in Hagerstown, Maryland. Each one was really different and so we got a great variety of imagery.

The photos we took will be used on his new website, in social media and in various other types of marketing materials. It was super fun spending the afternoon driving around to some cool spaces to document AJ doing his thing.

Corporate photography doesn’t have to be boring- it should show off the personality of your brand and you. We can make it your own, so your company stands out from the crowd.

Frederick American Advertising Award Wins

CONGRATULATIONS to Mount St. Mary’s U on their American Advertising Award, a gold (!!!) ADDY win for the 2016 Mount St. Mary’s Seminary Viewbook and a SILVER ADDY for the redesign of the spring 2016 issue of Mount Magazine.

Thank you to talented graphic designer Lisa Gorham and the awesome marketing team at MSMU for bringing along on this project. This viewbook looks incredible. It was such an honor to work on both of these projects.

I was so proud to stand with Lisa Gorham at the American Advertising Awards for the ADDY wins. Lisa was a wonderful creative director for the 2016 Mount St. Mary’s Seminary Viewbook. It was such an honor to work on this project! Thank you to the marketing team at MSMU for trusting us with this important project. (and yes, I wore a jumpsuit- because- jumpsuits!)





Salamander Resort 40th Birthday Party

Lisa wanted a fantastic celebration for her 40th, and she sure got it! Associate Photographer Jenn did an amazing job of capturing the joy and friendship that accompanied this party held at Salamander Resort in Middleburg, Virginia. Cocktails, some football watching, dinner and some dancing- that sounds pretty perfect to me!


SalamanderResortVirginiaPartyPhotography_0001 SalamanderResortVirginiaPartyPhotography_0002 SalamanderResortVirginiaPartyPhotography_0003 SalamanderResortVirginiaPartyPhotography_0004 SalamanderResortVirginiaPartyPhotography_0005 SalamanderResortVirginiaPartyPhotography_0006 SalamanderResortVirginiaPartyPhotography_0007 SalamanderResortVirginiaPartyPhotography_0008 SalamanderResortVirginiaPartyPhotography_0009 SalamanderResortVirginiaPartyPhotography_0010 SalamanderResortVirginiaPartyPhotography_0011 SalamanderResortVirginiaPartyPhotography_0012 SalamanderResortVirginiaPartyPhotography_0013 SalamanderResortVirginiaPartyPhotography_0014 SalamanderResortVirginiaPartyPhotography_0015 SalamanderResortVirginiaPartyPhotography_0016 SalamanderResortVirginiaPartyPhotography_0017 SalamanderResortVirginiaPartyPhotography_0018 SalamanderResortVirginiaPartyPhotography_0019

Hospice of Frederick County :: A Gift



In September I posted some images here on my photo page (with permission) from the local hospice home, Hospice of Frederick County’s Kline House, that I took for their marketing materials. I met some incredible nurses, staff, and patients. One of the patients I met was James.

James had the biggest smile and even though he was very sick and weak, he was a jokester. His spirit and eyes were bright despite his body being frail. How the nurses and staff care for these patients lit a little fire inside me. I’ve thought about him a lot since that August photo session.

When I left that photo shoot, I had that “photo high” that I hadn’t had in YEARS. (It’s what I imagine a runner’s high feels like… I’ve run two marathons and I’m still waiting for that “feeling” to ever happen…)

I had that high, that rush of dopamine, for days after. Every time I thought about Kline House, I couldn’t help but get all the feels. The good kind.

I usually photograph people in such a different time in their lives- new babies, beautiful weddings, big family get togethers. While photographing patients and nurses in a hospice home is vastly different, it’s every bit as important and equally beautiful.

When I logged onto my FB page this morning I saw a woman had commented on one of the photos from Hospice from months ago.

“My Daddy ❤” she wrote.

I noticed her profile photo was also the image I took at hospice.

I was in a rush this morning to get to Rotary on time, but I left a comment for her to reach out to me, I had more images, I said, if she wanted them.

Seconds later I got a message back. Yes, she wanted more images- anything I had of him, she would gladly take. I grabbed my external hard drive and scrolled through my entire photo session from that day. I pulled 37 images of her father. I put them in a Dropbox file and sent them over to the email address she had provided.

“Thank you so much! He passed in August so these pictures are a great little Christmas gift!”

I can’t help but weep tears of happiness and gratefulness that I was able to bring this daughter a smile, even a tiny bit of joy, during a season where I know she’s hurting and missing her dad.

You may never know who is hurting this season. Who is missing someone, who is angry this season, who is feeling broken.

Be extra kind.
Be extra patient.
Be extra giving.

Sometimes you don’t know how powerful a gift you give will be. It may seem small to you, but the world to someone else.

These were “just” marketing images… but now? Now they are something else, something much more special. And I am humbled by that.

Take the time. Be a little late Go the extra mile.

Thank you Hospice of Frederick County for the opportunity to do this important work- and thank you Three Old Souls for letting my images tell a very important story. It is one of the greatest honors of my life.

A Thank You to My USPS Mail Carrier, Lisa.


Today is my last day in the office before a little break for Christmas, and I wanted to take a minute to thank someone who helps keep my little business chugging- my mail carrier, Lisa.
Lisa! You deliver tons (and tons) of packages.
You pick up tons (and tons) of packages.
You make sure our mail is never in the elements, going above and beyond to make sure it’s secure and safe.
Simply put, there is no more thoughtful and dedicated mail carrier. I am so lucky that my office is on your route.

Lisa always goes out of her way to make sure things are done right- and that’s such a rare quality these days.

I literally have a package to send almost every day- and these days it’s more like 4 or 5- she is so dedicated to what she does and I am so thankful she is my mail carrier!

Thank you!
(I was lucky enough to be asked to photograph the small courthouse wedding of Lisa’s daughter, and was so happy to do so.)