The Start of Something New in Downtown Frederick, Maryland

Doorway in to office.

They say all good things must come to an end, but dang if I’m not sad about it.

The lease on my beautiful studio that I share with Sue of Give Rise Studio has come to its conclusion. When we first started to come to grips with this news, we were both so sad. Depressed, even. But as we worked through it and picked ourselves up, we realized that this was simply an opportunity for something new.

And so. Here I am. This May I am straddling two spaces- my old studio and my new office. My new location couldn’t be more different than the studio I have now, but it offers a lot of great things and I am so excited to make it my own.

The arduous task of moving everything is… tough. And because I am moving to an office instead of a studio, I have to be really strategic about what I bring and my plans for the space.

While I don’t have any photos to share just yet, below are some renderings of what it could be… and that makes me excited.

Join me on this journey, friends, as I move to a new space Downtown Frederick!

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