The One, The Only: Steve McCurry and his Workshops

What happens when you mix a Dutchman, a Swiss, a Brazilian, a Swede who lives in Bangladesh, A handful of guys and one gal from NYC, some crazy characters from California, a sleep doctor from Milwaukee, an executive from Nebraska who lives in Sri Lanka, an ex-teacher traveling around Asia out of a backpack, a wedding photographer from DC, two awesome photography teachers, and one of the most well-respected and talented photographers of our time in Burma? CRAZY FUN!

I must say, this group was pretty awesome. Everyone was focused on gaining more knowledge and experience with their passion. And every single person was amazingly well traveled. Insanely well traveled. Katmandu. Tibet. Bora Bora. Tiny Islands in Micronesia. Dubai. Afghanistan. The list would seriously go on forever.

It was great to have so many people from all over the world who have traveled all over the globe- when plans changed (and things did change), when things didn’t go as planned, no one even flinched. You really have to be flexible when traveling in countries like Burma, and everyone was.

I was very nervous to meet Steve McCurry. This is a guy who I studied all through school. I’ve seen his work on countless National Geographic covers, books, and magazines. Everyone knows his photographs. But as he came to sit with us at lunch on that first day, I stopped being nervous and started to get excited about learning from the best of the best.

Below are some pictures of Steve McCurry in action. Next up: Rangoon. Stay tuned for it tomorrow…

Steve posing with a subject of one of his photographs

Steve is a big animal person- and he just pets and picks up animals wherever he goes

Steve scouts out a market in Bagan with Doug, Thom, and Amy

Steve (right) being really silly with Doug at a photo studio at the Pagoda Festival

Steve posing with a member of the famous Burmese Longneck women. [Photo by Tom Lamb]

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