Six Months!

…and just like that, we have a six-month-old. Not sure how that happened.

The happiest, most joyful boy there ever was, continues to make us and everyone around him smile. You just can’t help yourself, really.

Six months old
20+ pounds
12+ month clothes (!!!)
Flipping over like a champ
Sleeping through the night (97% of the time)
So. Much. Drool.

Baby Max, you make our world go round. We love you to pieces. Happy half birthday. 

Did you, or do you track the monthly “birthdays” of your baby? I’m curious how each of you do it! I’m a crazy person and photographing him in two different poses/ways- we got this crib sheet from a friend and also the muslin owl from our baby shower. I just couldn’t decide which to do, so I’m doing both. Again, pretty crazy, but hey, I like it.

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