Seeing the Signs.

NOTE TO SELF: Be prepared for big answers from the universe when you ask for them.

On my way back from my big trip, on an 18 hour flight from Bangkok to NYC, I asked for a sign.

I asked for a sign that would tell me what direction I need to be going…

I asked for something to happen to show me what I need to be focusing on…

I asked for a sign to prove to me that photography and travel were supposed to be such a large part of my life.

On my first day back at NOAA, I found out that due to a 50% budget cut in my office, my position has been eliminated. I, along with a few others, no longer had a job after March 5th.


Although I am saddened by this news, it also goes to show that nothing can be taken for granted. I am thankful for the two years that I did get to work there, and the few weeks I have left. Working at NOAA has been a fantastic experience.

But this is also a sign. A sign that I asked for.

I am really looking forward to focusing on my photography full time- it’s the perfect opportunity to get ready for the ’08 wedding season, which will be in full swing come April. This will be a time to get organized and focus on what I have a passion for- capturing special moments.

Stay tuned- things are just starting to get exciting!

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