June 2021 Life Update

Well, hello. It’s truly been a minute since I checked in.

Everyone in the house is vaccinated, minus Max, but it sounds like in September that will be an option- science is amazing!

Living with a 2.5 is a lot of fun, but it sure is messy. Turn your head and every block you just picked up is back on the floor, along with milk and raisins. (where did those raisins even come from?!)

Max is back at daycare now, but Joe is still working from home full time. I go to my studio a few times a week to have my solo dance parties and return emails. It works for us.

I’ve slowly rolled out UnCorporate Headshot. I’m also in the middle of trademarking it, which, if you’ve never done something like that- is a wild, wild ride. And it takes a long time. It won’t be official till sometime next year, but I’ve started to promote this side of my business, which is the fastest-growing part, too!

Other than watching families grow, it’s my favorite thing I do. It really lights me up!

I’m a legitimate plant person now. In the before times I had a few. But now I have… ::gasps:: 50. 50-ish. My husband asks me why I have so many and- I don’t know. I love how different each one is, how they all require different soil and care, and grow at a different pace. There’s something so satisfying about seeing new leaves unfurl. I think this is the definition of being solidly in your 30s.

Other than that, I’m just figuring out how to be “busy” again. Like, how do I get emails, edits and phone calls done while also caring for a toddler, a home, tending to a marriage, etc? I don’t remember what it’s like to have to do this all at the same time, or how to give enough attention to each area at the right time. I’m slowly getting the hang of it again, but I still feel a bit wobbly, like I’m walking in heels. (if you know me, you know I loathe wearing heels.)

So here we are, solidly into June, just trying to figure it all out. I hope you’ll join me- or continue to join me on this journey!

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