Great Falls, Virginia Family Photography Session :: The Zimmerman Family

I love this family!

Ryan and Heather Zimmerman had me stop by to do a fall family photo session at their home in Great Falls, Virginia and man oh man did we luck out and get amazing weather today.

These little girls are growing up fast- even since Hayden’s newborn photo session this Spring! I also got to see Mackenzie’s incredible new playhouse. Seriously- it’s the coolest playhouse I have ever seen in my life. It’s a castle fit for a queen and it is so fun! The TV show Playhouse Masters on TLC came and built this beautiful thing a few months ago- you can see the episode here. But I mean really, how cool is this playhouse?! (can you tell I really liked it?)

Our family photo session was short and sweet. Like always, we got some great images. This family is just the sweetest and I love watching them grow. Thanks for having me over again, Ryan and Heather!

Are you interested in doing a family photography session with me? Let’s get one scheduled!

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