Blogging For Your Business Workshop with The Garter Girl

Yesterday I had a blast learning about bogging for my business with The Garter Girl. Juli is an amazing resource and I really enjoyed learning from her during a really fun all day workshop. I’ve known Juli since 2010 when I photographed some of her first work for her first catalog. So much fun!

While I have been blogging since 2002 (wow, that’s so crazy!) I can’t say I have ever had a “plan” or that I’ve been strategic about it. Not to mention all the SEO stuff I’ve totally been missing out on.

So I took a leap and decided to take Juli’s workshop. Whoa. I am still trying to process all the information I learned, but my big takeaways were this:

  • Not every blog post needs to be amazing- just write and share your work and experience. Don’t overthink it.
  • Blog posts take time to get you traction- be patient.
  • What you do after writing your blog post is also important- how and where you share affects your reach.

It’s going to take me quite awhile to go through and implement all the great blogging for my business tips that I learned, but thankfully it’s quieting down over here after a very busy fall wedding season, and I should have some moments wto work on it soon.

Being a business owner means that I wear a lot of hats- obviously I’m a wedding photographer first, but I also wear the marketing, bookkeeping and IT hats, too. And I can always learn more about each aspect of my job. Yesterday was all about making the best use of my time with blogging- and boy did I get educated!

I am so ready to make my blog a more fun and hospitable place for my newest work to live, as well as to share more wedding anniversaries blog posts, travel blog posts and my corporate photography work. So be on the lookout for a refresh over here- coming soon!

A big shout out to Marigold & Grey for hosting the workshop- what a beautiful studio you have! (and I was eyeing all your gorgeous custom wedding gifts, too!) It was also really nice to see my long time buddy Claudia of Fig. 2 Design and Jennifer of Love Life. It was a really fun group of entrepreneurial women working hard to make their businesses shine. I was thrilled to be a part of it.



The swag from yesterday’s blogging workshop = awesome.

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