Aberdeen Proving Ground Wedding :: Eva and Gregg- Aberdeen, Maryland

Eva and Gregg… what can I even say?!

After 14 years of courting they finally tied the knot at Aberdeen Proving Ground.

When I first met these two over a year ago, I just knew they were a great couple. Gregg is one of those guys who wants to make sure that Eva has everything she wants and needs. Eva in return is kind, open, and very loving.

When I got to the military base, Gregg was pacing and nervous, trying to get everything in order for the big day. He mentioned to me that earlier he had tried to start his car with his house key! Once he got his uniform on he calmed down and got ready for the ceremony.

Eva on the other hand, was calm and ready. Her best friends and family helped her to get ready and I never saw one nervous moment- she was just so excited.

The ceremony was beautiful and so sweet. Eva and Gregg’s fathers sang a song together about the two of them and their families joining together- not a dry eye (not even mine!) in the place. I have never seen anything like this at a ceremony, and it was just too sweet. And the vows. They wrote such sweet vows, too!

And these people know how to party! The reception was so fun. Lots of dancing, eating good food, and, of course, drinking. They had an amazing live band, the Kelly Bell Band.

And just when you thought the party was over, they did the Hora and then the boys sang “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.” So cute!

Eva and Gregg, I wish you the best and hope you have a blast on your honeymoon cruise to the Southern Caribbean!

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