Vineyard Vines @ Georgetown University

This evening I had the pleasure of photographing Vineyard Vines at Georgetown University.

Vineyard Vines has a very cool story. I can relate to a lot of it, which is probably why I enjoyed meeting them so much! They get to do what they love everyday, and are passionate about it. And really, is there anything better?

The two brothers behind Vineyard Vines, Shep and Ian, are animated, funny, laid back, but also very business savvy. It was fascinating to learn how they went from samples in tupperware containers to selling their lifestyle merchandise in over 500 stores and opening eight of their own retail stores. Pretty impressive stats for a business that’s only been around since 1998!

Thank you to Ian and Shep for sharing your awesome story, and thank you to all your awesome staff and friends who I met, including Tripp, Lindsey and Taylor.

Their oh-so-famous whale logo

OK, had to…

The brothers who started it all

The students went crazy for all the gear

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