Summer Ceresville Mansion Wedding :: Frederick, Maryland :: Monique + Stephen

This was one of those summer weddings that just made you smile from ear to ear! After Monique & Stephen’s engagement session, I knew the wedding would be wonderful. It started with one of the most relaxed bridal party suites- Monique and her bridesmaids were so chill in the getting ready suite at Ceresvilel Mansion. A little music, lots of curling irons, and a lot of joking around. Across the hall the guys were no different- relaxing and watching videos on their phones.

August weddings can be warm, and this one was no different. There was lots of water to go around before the ceremony began. The warm sun shined down on their gorgeous and sweet ceremony before we did family formals and then some portraits of just the couple.

The afternoon ended with a lovely luncheon and some fun dancing. The sweetest moment was when Stephen and his mother danced together- so many tears! It was just such a beautiful moment!

Congrats Monique and Stephen! Best wishes in your new married life together!

Photography :: Mary Kate McKenna Photography

Venue :: Ceresville Mansion

Floral :: Candlelight Floral Designs

DJ :: Bialek’s Music

Cake :: SugarBakers Cakes

Hair and Make Up :: Tiffany Lumpkin Hair & Makeup

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