My Peloton Bike Experience (and a Peloton Bike discount code!)

Hi friends.

This blog is 99% about my photography and of course, it should be, but there’s a whole lot more to me than just my business.

While I was pregnant I dreamed of working out again as soon as I could. I was so pumped! But then- THEN! A c-section. (Thanks, breech baby!)

So I was off of exercise for 8+ weeks. By the time I got approved for exercise at 9-ish weeks, I was SO READY! But now we (my hubby Joe and myself) had to navigate how to work out with a baby. Driving to the gym just wasn’t much of an option for us anymore, just time-wise.

Enter Peloton. We had been eyeing one for months. We’d done the research. We just had to decide if we’d really use it. We loved going to the local cycling studio, but again, time-wise not an option (classes aren’t at ideal times) and at $16-18/class it’s cost-prohibitive.

So, after a lot of soul searching and deciding if we’d REALLY use it, that it wouldn’t become a very expensive clothing rack, we ordered one.

We set it up in our basement next to our treadmill. We made the space as inviting as we could so we wouldn’t hate being down there.

And I can say, after having it now for 2+ months, we absolutely love it, and use it EVERY SINGLE DAY!

What I love about the Peloton:

+ You can take classes live or on-demand. Bookmark your favorites to do again or do ones you find interesting and come back later.

+ There are classes for beginners, advanced beginners and beyond. You can be at any fitness level.

+ Classes have a huge range of lengths- from 5 minutes to over 120 minutes. (I tend to take the 30-minute classes most often, but I’ve also taken 45 and 60-minute classes)

+ There are TONS of workout that don’t involve the bike- running, walking, yoga, strength, stretching, bootcamp, cardio, and even meditation. (I can’t wait to explore all these classes this year!)

+ There are so many different kinds and styles of instructors- it’s fun to explore all the different instructions and then dig in with your favorites. (My current faves: Denis, Christine, Chase, and Robin.)

+ The Peloton Challenges keep me motivated. In January there were challenges for mileage, days worked out, and more. I loved that! Kept me hopping on the bike even on days that I didn’t want to.

+ I’m a badge lover. So getting new badges (like 10 weeks in a row of working out, 50 rides, etc) is fun and keeps me moving forward. New badges in my profile make me happy. (#nerd)

So yeah. Lots of reasons to love Peloton- and there are many more, too. My hubby rides every day, too. We take turns riding either in the early mornings or after work. When one of us isn’t home and we want to ride with the baby, we have a rock and play set up so he can hang out with us:

If you are interested in looking into a Peloton, I’d be happy to tell you everything I know and answer any of your questions. It is a huge commitment, so you have to be all in.

If you would like $100 off accessories for your Peloton bike, you can use my referral code EHB6ZH. (tip: if you get the shoes, size up!)

Here’s to an amazing 2019 of lots of rides and workouts!

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