Meet Laura!

Things are very, very busy around here.  And in May I realized I couldn’t do everything by myself anymore.  I didn’t need someone full time, year-round, but I did need someone who could design some things for me and do some basic things in the studio. After going through tons of applications, and interviewing several great candidates, I found the perfect match.

Meet my oh-so-talented intern, Laura!

She’s studying visual communications at Arizona State,
and will be joining me for the rest of the summer- I am so excited!

I am very lucky to have Laura here and can’t wait to share some of the work she’s doing.
In the meantime, check out her bio below and some of the pieces she’s done in school.

My name is Laura McMullan. I’m from the desert (Phoenix, AZ) where I’ve lived all my life. I study design at Arizona State University. When it comes to design, I struggle between clean, Swiss design and decorated, vintage inspired design. I love frills and lace but I also really appreciate the elegance of simplicity. I’m real shy and I definitely think that affects my design.

Along with design, I also draw and paint and still make friendship bracelets. When I get the chance, I love turning off the computer and crafting with my hands. I am learning the ukulele but I can only play two songs. My parents bird watch and I’ve been aware of birds my entire life and I really like them in their look and behavior.  I don’t have a plan for when I graduate but that doesn’t bother me.

A second year research project that dealt with elements of design and typography. I bound a book of varying lines on the text and background.

Detail of the lines and text.

A third year info graphic project on a micro/macro view on the 2010 World Cup. I focused on overall attendance versus overall attendance of each stadium versus attendance of each game and put it into a puzzle. Each stadium is one piece of the puzzle.

With all the pieces removed, the information underneath shows every game, who played, what the attendance was and if it was full capacity.

A poster I did for a competition in our class. As juniors, we had studio nights where we showed off what we’ve been doing with friends and family. The theme of my poster was expanding and growing. The image was created with a copy machine.

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