Headshots: Kim the CPA

I get a lot of requests for headshots.
Not model portfolio stuff, but businesses wanting to show off their staff- letting their customers and the public see them as they really are.
My headshots don’t involve black backgrounds and crazy lighting. I keep it simple and make it quick. From my experience, most people dislike having their headshots done. So, it’s my job to make the subject comfortable and get some great shots.
Meet Kim, a great CPA in Frederick. The second she stepped into my office that morning she kept saying, “I hate getting my picture taken, I hate getting my picture taken.” Over and over.
I didn’t mind, because honestly, if it were me on the other side of my lens, I’d probably feel the same way… having your photo taken for business-related reasons is so different from family sessions and weddings.
So off we went, for a quick 20 minute session, where I’m pretty darn sure I captured Kim’s personality- sassy, smart and fun; a perfect combination for a CPA, if you ask me!
And I know when she finishes her new website, and these photos go up, she’ll be glad she had her photo taken. 🙂

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