Happy 2023!

HAPPY 2023!

I hope everyone had a safe, restful holiday. I’m not sure I’d call mine “restful,” but it was quite fun!

Our dear friends from Michigan drove out to spend some time with us, and we had a blast. Max loved having extra kiddos in the house, and we enjoyed showing the Adams Crew around our beloved Frederick, Maryland, especially Downtown Frederick!

We hit up the library, Dancing Bear, and of course, Carroll Creek to see the boats.

We rang in 2023 at 7:30 (shhh, no one tell them!) with a poorly thought-out plan of poppers from Target that led to lots of cleanup but great memories.

Whenever I find a piece of confetti, something I’m sure I’ll be finding for many months, I’ll smile and remember how we spent that special night with good friends and lots of laughing.

Cheers to an adventurous, kind, and wonderful year ahead!

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