Mount Vernon Inn Wedding :: Denise and Jeff- Mt. Vernon, Virginia

When you think of a fairytale wedding you envision a big white, beautiful dress, gorgeous flowers, a gorgeous princess, a hunky prince, a horse & carriage, and lots of dancing. Jeff and Denise pulled it off, but instead of a carriage they had a 1952 gold Bentley!
The day began at Pender United Methodist Church in Fairfax. Pastor Chad Herndon did a fantastic job officiating. Denise looked stunning in her dress and Jeff was adorably nervous. The ceremony was beautiful- Jeff never once took his eyes off Denise- so sweet!The guests then threw dried flowers at them as they hopped in their Bentley. I was lucky enough to get to ride in the front with the driver as he took us around DC for the formal photographs. (I’d definitely call that a perk of the job!)

It was yet another perfect day in DC as we strolled around the World War II Memorial and the Capitol. The entire bridal party was so sweet and were up for anything.

After a really nice drive down to Mt. Vernon, the reception began with Denise’s dad playing the harmonica- he is actually a professional musician who used to play with the Rascals!

After Dinner at Mt. Vernon Inn (which was fabulous, by the way! Major applause goes to Matthew Heiss for the amazing meals and service) the guests danced and enjoyed the company of one another- I loved the interaction between family and friends. The cake was excellent, and the DJ really knew how to get everyone moving.At the end of the night, the couple gave out CD’s with music they listened to while dating- what a great idea! The cover art was done by Denise’s brother Joe, another neat touch.

Denise and Jeff: thank you so much for letting me be a part of your day- enjoy your honeymoon in Mexico!

Other great wedding vendors from the day:

+Visual Ventures Videography

+Special Event Management Services (limo for bridal party) – Chuck Genrich

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