Christine of The Kitchen Studio Cooking School: Frederick, Maryland

[ Well, I literally have about *20* shoots and other things to blog- I am so behind! So I decided instead of getting more behind, I’ll blog what I’m doing now and work my way backwards. (I can’t believe it’s December!) Bear with me, loyal blog readers! ]

Meet Christine, a hilarious and wonderful chef who is going places. She owns The Kitchen Studio Cooking School in Frederick and it’s fabulous! Joe and I haven’t taken a class yet because we simply can’t decide on which one to take first!

We did a photo shoot to update her website, blog, and Twitter and we had a lot of fun doing it. In fact, while editing the photos I didn’t find one “serious” image in the whole take! I think that’s a good thing. I enjoy working with people who own their own businesses and can still keep a smile on their face! 🙂

I love this- you can just see how much fun she is! 🙂

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