Chichen Itza!

Yesterday was so much fun!

We piled up in a van and took a three hour drive with the bride and groom and some of the guests who are still soaking up the Mexican heat and headed out to see Chichen Itza, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Such a cool place! Although, when you think about all the crazy sacrifices that took place there, and the insane games where the winners were killed (it was an “honor”- pssssh!) it’s kind of creepy.

After exploring the beautiful ruins, we stopped by a cenote… wow! So beautiful! You head down a hole with a rope and all of a sudden you’re in a lovely warm pool of fresh water. Lots of the people in our group dove in, but I chose just to take some photos 🙂

Coming soon: the wedding and the day after session!

Our group making our way up to the ruins

Beautiful, but creepy! 

Doug and Chihen Itza

The cenote- a great way to end a long day with new friends!

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