Wedding Photojournalism Association Wins

Hey Everyone- what a great post to break in the blog! As I was editing some wedding pics tonight, my old second shooter/good buddy Kim (who moved out to California-sadness!) called me and asked me if I had been to the WPJA site lately. I said no.

She told me I “maaaaay wanna head over there.” I didn’t see anything new. So she had to tell me herself, and I’m so happy she did- I placed in three categories! I am pumped! A 4th, an 18th, and a 19th.

This is a huge honor. This contest was judged exclusively by members of the VII Photo Agency, which is, like, amazing. I am excited they even SAW photographs that I’ve taken.

So thank you to all my couples who have let me be a part of their days- and an extra congrats to Ramona and Erica, who helped me pull down some great awards in the WPJA Q3 Contest!

Please check out some of the fantastic winning images if you’re interested. I am very proud to be a part of a very elite group of photojournalists who have the same passion I do- capturing the beauty of weddings!

Other WPJA Contests I’ve placed in:

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