A Thank You to My USPS Mail Carrier, Lisa.


Today is my last day in the office before a little break for Christmas, and I wanted to take a minute to thank someone who helps keep my little business chugging- my mail carrier, Lisa.
Lisa! You deliver tons (and tons) of packages.
You pick up tons (and tons) of packages.
You make sure our mail is never in the elements, going above and beyond to make sure it’s secure and safe.
Simply put, there is no more thoughtful and dedicated mail carrier. I am so lucky that my office is on your route.

Lisa always goes out of her way to make sure things are done right- and that’s such a rare quality these days.

I literally have a package to send almost every day- and these days it’s more like 4 or 5- she is so dedicated to what she does and I am so thankful she is my mail carrier!

Thank you!
(I was lucky enough to be asked to photograph the small courthouse wedding of Lisa’s daughter, and was so happy to do so.)

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