4th Street House

4thStreetHouse-055This was a really special session. Since I don’t tell the story as well as Becky, here are her words:

“My husband and I are coming down the homestretch of renovating our home in downtown Frederick, but this isn’t just any house. The home was purchased back in the 40s by my great uncle. When he purchased the house, my great grandfather, great grandmother, grandmother, grandfather and uncle, who was a baby at the time all moved in with him. During their time there, my mom and aunt were born.

My uncle eventually joined the military and my mom and aunt moved out when they got married. After my Mom had my brother and me our Granny kept us there until we were old enough to go to school and she lived there until 2003, when the stairs became too much, she moved in with my mom. Not ready to let go of our family home, my mom and aunt rented the house to some neighbors.

Fast forward 10 years.

Sadly, after 94 amazing years, my Granny passed away in 2012. So, after living in New York City for six years and having our son, Logan, my husband and I decided it was time to move back home to be close to family and friends. One day we pitched the idea of renovating the house and moving into this very special home filled with 70+ years of family history and many wonderful memories. We thought it would be the perfect place to raise our family. Luckily, they said yes.

What’s even more special about this house? Before my great uncle purchased the house, it was being rented by my paternal grandmother’s mom. So both my maternal and paternal grandmothers lived in this house!! My paternal grandmother who is 87 and is still living came in to see the house in progress and my grandfather has been our “lead painter”…teaching my husband and I (who are rookies) how to cut in, paint trim, etc.

We could not be more thrilled to move into our new/old home. We’ve been painting fools the last few weeks and after 14 hours of painting last Saturday night, we were sitting in our soon to be bedroom enjoying a glass of wine and I said to him, “I just love being here. Every time we’re in the house, I feel like Granny is giving us a big hug. It’s just a really nice feeling to know they’re all up there smiling down on our little family.”4thStreetHouse-0944thStreetHouse-0204thStreetHouse-0304thStreetHouse-0124thStreetHouse-0584thStreetHouse-0974thStreetHouse-0714thStreetHouse-0804thStreetHouse-0354thStreetHouse-043

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