Yeti & Carl – Pasadena, Maryland

This wedding was HOTT!
No, seriously, it was 107 degrees.
This wedding was a MK & J production… also known as Jaime and I working together.  I love working with Jaime not only because she is one of my best friends, but because when things get crazy, we help each other out.  This was our first as co-primary photogs and I loved it!
We flipped a coin and I got to photograph Carl getting ready.  It worked out because I got to eat some yummy traditional Sierra Leonian food and photograph the guys being crazy.  Always fun.
When I got to the church I was so stinkin’ hot.  I couldn’t wait to get inside.  So you can imagine my disappointment when I entered the church and found out that the electricity was out… which meant no AC.
To say that the ceremony was boiling hot wouldn’t be enough.  We were in an oven and we were crispy.  But everyone handled it so well and we decided to skip portraits at the church and head straight to the reception site to do photos there.
Jaime and I got right to work, photographing the BEAUTIFUL tent and did a lot of crazy photos.  At one point were were standing a few feet away from one another, each doing formals.  Crazy, but fun.
Then the party began.  Sierra Leonian traditions are a blast, and, luckily for us, Jaime and I knew what was ahead, because we photographed Bidemi and Adrian’s wedding last season, who were in attendance!
It’s pretty standard to get announced at the reception.  The bridesmaids, the groomsmen, the parents… you walk in as the DJ announces them one by one.  Not for these guys.  If you know the people being announced you dance them in.  
So by the time you get to the bride and groom, it’s insanity.  Complete craziness and hysteria takes over.  People are lifted off the ground.  Money is thrown at the couple.  There are cameras everywhere.  Jaime and I lifted our cameras above our heads, walked backwards as the crowd moved forward and we clicked our shutters, hoping it would all work out.  It’s all you can do.
The entire time I was walking backwards, sweaty and engulfed in a sea of colorful clothing and flashes, I just laughed.  It was a lot of fun, and  I couldn’t believe what I was doing.  That must be what paparazzi feel like.
Once everyone was seated for dinner, some thunder rolled in.  Then some bright lightening.  And then the rain.  Oh. the. rain.  Lucky for us the tent was semi-permanent and had nice sides so no rain was getting in.  But you could hear the wind picking up.  It was loud.  And then….
…then the power went out.   I couldn’t believe it.
But everyone handled it gracefully.  The candles on the tables made for a romantic atmosphere and everyone was in good spirits.  After dinner, they somehow hooked up the DJ with some power for music and toasts.  It was great just seeing the room lit by tiny tea lights and smiles.
Yeti and Carl, your wedding is one I won’t soon forget!  Congrats and best wishes on your honeymoon!
Carl getting ready
David, the ring bearer… he did this at Adrian & Bidemi’s too!
The light was stunning
The fans were very necessary
Looking awesome!
Yeti’s beautiful details
Waiting to be announced
Before the storm
The insanity begins!
Love the light from the candles
One of the many toasts
First dance
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