Woodward Table

I love love love working with designers. It’s such a thrill to photograph their work.
Carrie Seaver, owner of Anemone Design, contacted me to photograph her work for Woodward Table.
Not only did I have a blast photographing this beautiful restaurant, but I got to eat there, too- yum!

From Carrie:

Jeffrey and Sallie Buben’s Woodward Table and WTF (Woodward Takeout Food) is a dual concept located just one block from The White House in Washington, DC.

As connected concepts, WT and WTF needed a brand that felt like a family. Each logo is connected by the same “W” monogram structure allowing them to speak the same visual language. Environmental graphics on the exterior windows and interior walls add to the personality distinction between the two restaurants. A flying pig on the ceiling greets guests as they enter, a nod to co-owner Sallie Buben’s response to Jeff’s suggestion that they open another restaurant (When pigs fly!)

The website is straightforward, responsive and user friendly. As something a little different, it is almost completely black and white, matching the printed pieces. Integrated online reservations on every page make it easy to quickly book a table from your phone.


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