Why We’re Closed on Sundays. Yes, Every Sunday.


What I say “yes” to on Sundays.



Sundays are a sacred day around here. No work, emails (ok, I do sometimes do personal emails), or photo sessions. Yes, even in the fall, no sessions on Sunday. Period end of story.

Sundays are about enjoying beautiful sunny days (or rainy cold days, too) with my hubby and pups and getting ready for another week. There are grocery runs, lunch dates, usually a nap, and we grill out. We prep our lunches for the week, I get to read, and putter around the house. Perfection.

Taking Sundays off makes me a better wife, business owner and photographer. As hard as it is to say no to Sunday photo sessions, having one guaranteed day off always and forever keeps me sane, my marriage strong, and my business does just fine.

I have absolutely zero guilt saying “no” to things on Sundays because that day off means so much to me.

Do you have a day that you always keep open? Or a big non-negotiable?

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