Where Next?

Hello from the editing pit! 🙂

I’ve been a crazed maniac the past few days editing and organizing and getting ready to send out a huge slew of stuff next week before I have a few visitors next week, and for a fab wedding tomorrow.  But don’t worry, I’m still here!

I got an e-mail from one of my brides (Hi Anna!) and she said she had to know where I was going next.  Truth be told… I don’t know!  For the past several years, I’ve jumped ship in January & February and traveled.  I always knew what I was doing next by the time I landed back in DC, but I never decided what was next when I got back from Burma, and then everything got crazy and I never came up with a plan.  

So Anna got me thinking… where should I go next?!  I want all my readers to help!

Some photos of me from some of my excursions….


…and now I’m going back to editing! 
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