Welcome to this World, Kayla Marie!

First I photographed the engagement photos at the Capitol.

Then a wedding.

Then the baby shower.

And now… the baby! Please help me welcome Kayla Marie!

Kayla was born last night- she’s not even 24 hours old! I was so excited to meet her and see her parents, Jen and Jason.

The first thing I noticed was how much Kayla looks like Jason- it’s uncanny! She’s just the perfect little baby and I couldn’t be more happy for this new family.

I have declared myself the personal paparazzi for Kayla- so you’ll watch her grow up on this blog!

Kayla, you have no idea how much you are loved. You are such a blessing, and I look forward to documenting your first year of life.

Jason naps with the new baby (so cute!)

This is going to be a tall baby girl- just like her mom

(it’s hard to believe that this girl was in LABOR mere hours before I took that photo!)

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