Welcome to this World, Baby Myles!

Words are hard to find with this post.  Truly.

This is baby Myles.  He is so very perfect and wonderful.  Of course, I’m a bit biased, but still, c’mon, look at him!  Perfect!
Myles belongs to one of the most special people in the world, Miss Lindsey Lou.  
Lindsey and I have been friends since, get this, 5th grade YMCA basketball.  True story.  We played and went to school together through middle school, and then I didn’t grow anymore and Lindsey did (she’s 6ft!) so I had to find another sport in high school that allowed vertically challenged people to play (golf).  But even after we split sports, graduated, and went to different colleges, we stayed good friends.  
I’ll never forget checking my e-mail in Bangkok on New Years Eve getting a note from her that said, “I’m ENGAGED!”  Then came the wedding three years ago.  And now this baby.  My head is still spinning.  I know this is how it all works, but I’m still in a bit of shock.  
The entire way over to her house yesterday I just kept saying out loud, “don’t cry, just don’t cry.”  And when I saw him… I cried.  This tiny little baby has no idea how very loved he is.  At 12 days old, he’s already stolen so many hearts!
I can’t wait to follow him through his life and see who he becomes.  Myles, we love you and welcome to the world, little one!
I just ordered his birth announcements today- here it is, front and back (size is 5×5)

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