Weekend Getaway, Chincoteague

Well, it was fun while it lasted!

I had a very nice weekend in Chincoteague. Since it was the first weekend most things were open there, it wasn’t crowded at all. My good buddy and I had the beach to ourselves, which was lovely.

We didn’t do anything crazy- just looked for shells on the beach, flew a kite, hiked up to the lighthouse, ate a lot of seafood, and drove around searching for ponies. It was nice to have a little bit of quiet time before wedding season begins.

But quiet time can’t last forever! I have 50+ e-mails in my box to respond to, CDs to burn, and about 10 packages to mail out tomorrow. But no worries, I’ll get it all done!

Enjoy these photos. I didn’t take a lot- I know that’s sort of crazy, but it was also sort of nice!

Do you have a fun weekend getaway place?

Me with my camera during the pony search

Doesn’t my pony car look sexy on the beach?! 🙂

We bought a $3 kite- it lasted us a whole 20 minutes before the string broke in the crazy wind
Mini photoshoot at the lighthouse- I think Dubs did a pretty good job!
Our kite one last time before it took off (literally)

Our sad little kite 🙁

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