Tracy & Aaron- Washington, DC

Jaime and I both knew last night that this blog was going to be really tough to write. I mean, how do you write about a wedding that was such crazy fun, that even after their rehearsal dinner on Saturday, and their 10 hour wedding on Sunday, we still had energy and adrenaline pumping through us? And even now, although my legs and arms are tired, I am still so energetic about their wedding yesterday.

If I’m going to tell the story of Tracy and Aaron correctly, I have to start when they were 16, at a BBYO convention. Tracy had a crush on Aaron, but never told him. While at the convention, Aaron smashed some cake in Tracy’s face and then kissed her cheek. Tracy kept a picture of that moment in her bedroom for many years, never knowing that this guy from a BBYO convention would one day be her husband!

Many years later they met up once again, at a BBYO reunion. Aaron made sure her last name was the same and checked her ring finger. When all signs pointed to her being single, Aaron bought her a drink they ended up exchanging numbers. The rest, of course, is history.

The day started at the Arbor Ballroom, which is connected to the Washington Times building. While Tracy and her girls got ready in one room, they boys goofed around in the board room down the hall. I love the picture Jaime captured of all of them on their cell phones at the huge table!

Then we hopped across the street to the National Arboretum, where we did a few formal pictures and then the families came to sign the ketubah. It was really hot, so we got back inside quickly and got ready for the ceremony.

The ceremony was short but sweet (my favorite!) and I loved watching Aaron and Tracy look at each other. Huge smiles the entire time.

After another insane set of formals (they have a lot of family!) the reception began. Aaron’s little brother gave a toast, and then he and his brother-in-law rapped. Yes, rapped. (I can’t believe my life right now- in one weekend I saw an Elvis impersonator, a belly dancer, and rapping groomsmen) And they were really good.

There were toasts and blessings, lots of music and so much dancing. So. Much. Dancing! I was running around like a crazy lady trying to capture all the fun moments on the dance floor.

Their wedding yesterday may possibly go down in history as the most fun Sunday wedding ever. Aside from the photo booth, cupcakes, crazy dancing, and everything else, Aaron and Tracy are such fun, amazing people. Everyone at the wedding was having a total blast. The smiles and laughs never stopped. Jaime and I were having the time of our life!

Aaron and Tracy, we truly loved being a part of your special day. It was unique and uplifting, and Jaime and I both left with smiles on our faces. Enjoy all your honeymoons and good luck to you both!

Great Vendors:
Party Booths– Photo Booth
Clara Gold– Cake, Cupcakes

This is the exact pose from the picture Tracy has from highschool of the two of them!

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