This Lady.

This lady quietly and without fanfare retired today.

This lady has had many jobs over the years and if you ever saw a list of all the things she’s done (and all the degrees she has!) your jaw would drop.


This lady has done everything from flying in helicopters with McDonald’s headquarters (ironic because she’s now a vegetarian!), a working musician, an inner-city music teacher, an ad exec in Chicago, a career advisor at a university, and finally the job she retired from today, a school counselor in Duneland for the last 20 years.

This lady has met with a lot of kids and parents. Many have gone through terrible trauma and unspeakable experiences. She earned the trust of staff, teachers, parents and kids to help right the ship.

This lady has worked over the summers when parents called worried about a child’s re-entry. She’s worked in grocery stores, when little ones would run up to her and say they missed her. She worked at after school events, when teachers just needed someone to listen. She went to funerals of parents and sick children. This was not a job for wussies.

This lady worked at two schools, which means she did the job equivalent of four counselors. How she juggled the different schools, staff and the never-ending paper work, I have no clue.

This lady had rooms at both schools that were exquisite. No windows? Dark wood everywhere? No problem. She transformed these boring, non-kid friendly spaces into places where children could relax for a few minutes and share what was on their minds. Books, dolls, games…she had it all and it was arranged in a way that both kids and adults enjoyed it.

This lady, after 20 years of service, handed in her resignation today and will walk out of school in an hour like it’s any other day. Because that’s how she wants it. That’s who she is. No parties, no cards. That’s just how this lady rolls.

This lady is tiny (maaaaaybe 4’10” with heels) but fierce. No, more than fierce. She is a sassy, snarky, no bs accepted badass.

And that lady just so happens to be my momma.

And I’m so proud of her and excited for her to take on her next adventure.

So while she doesn’t want balloons or cheers, I wanted to share how amazing this lady is, and how lucky I am to have her as my mom.



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