The Crew.

This is our crew.

Gordon (the red dapple dachshund) is ever watchful.  Our little guard dog.  Feisty and loyal.  Loves to sleep under the covers.

Henry (the long haired dachshund) is being goofy. He is a furry little clown.  Silly and playful.  The neighborhood celebrity.

Molly (a lab/sharpei(?) mix) is ever hopeful that this photo leads to a long walk.  Sweet and sassy.  Lives for trips to the dog park.

Not everyone wants a crew of dogs.

Three crazy, active, dogs who need constant attention.

But we have ’em, and we love ’em.

From their floppy ears down to their hairy toes.

They each came into our life in different ways,

and I’m so glad they did.


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