She Said Yes!

I get to photograph a lot of cool stuff, but today was really cool!
I got a call last week from a friend from college telling me he was going to propose to his girlfriend (of nine years!) at a vineyard in Virginia.  That’s all he had to tell me- I was TOTALLY in!  I *love* being a spy and doing this sort of thing!
I asked my buddy Jessi, who is in town this week, if she wanted to come along and help me pull this off, and we were off!  Jessi and I headed out to Three Fox Vineyard this afternoon and enjoyed a tasting (their wine is insanely good, especially the reds!) before Ben and Erin got there.  
When they did get there, everyone, including the owners, tried to play it cool.  It was so hard not to smile and get excited, but I knew I had to pretend I didn’t know Ben!  
Ben had a great plan- he got some wine for them, then they walked up a beautiful hill to a table that overlooks the entire vineyard.  Sitting there was a brand new bike for Erin- hers was stolen in DC and Ben had found one that was nearly identical.  She was thrilled, but that wasn’t it 🙂  Ben mentioned there was something in the little bike bag… and although I was far away and hiding (I shot with my 70-200!) I could see enough to know that she was really happy! 🙂
Once they had a moment to take it all in, Ben waved us up and we celebrated!  It was awesome.
Ben and Erin, I am so happy for you guys!  Congrats on the engagement!
She said yes!!! 🙂
Love this- wine and a bike 🙂

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