Salamander Resort 40th Birthday Party

Lisa wanted a fantastic celebration for her 40th, and she sure got it! Associate Photographer Jenn did an amazing job of capturing the joy and friendship that accompanied this party held at Salamander Resort in Middleburg, Virginia. Cocktails, some football watching, dinner and some dancing- that sounds pretty perfect to me!


SalamanderResortVirginiaPartyPhotography_0001 SalamanderResortVirginiaPartyPhotography_0002 SalamanderResortVirginiaPartyPhotography_0003 SalamanderResortVirginiaPartyPhotography_0004 SalamanderResortVirginiaPartyPhotography_0005 SalamanderResortVirginiaPartyPhotography_0006 SalamanderResortVirginiaPartyPhotography_0007 SalamanderResortVirginiaPartyPhotography_0008 SalamanderResortVirginiaPartyPhotography_0009 SalamanderResortVirginiaPartyPhotography_0010 SalamanderResortVirginiaPartyPhotography_0011 SalamanderResortVirginiaPartyPhotography_0012 SalamanderResortVirginiaPartyPhotography_0013 SalamanderResortVirginiaPartyPhotography_0014 SalamanderResortVirginiaPartyPhotography_0015 SalamanderResortVirginiaPartyPhotography_0016 SalamanderResortVirginiaPartyPhotography_0017 SalamanderResortVirginiaPartyPhotography_0018 SalamanderResortVirginiaPartyPhotography_0019

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