Our Little House

It’s been almost exactly three years since we moved in to our sweet little home in Downtown Frederick.

Fixing up a house, especially an older home, is a slow process. Sometimes it’s hard to see your progress and how much you’ve actually done until you look back at what it used to look like.

Just for fun, I snapped a few photos a couple weeks ago. I think the biggest “whoa” moment for me was when I saw the comparison between the front of our house when we moved in and what it’s like now. Dang. We’ve done a lot of work!

Took down a tree that an inspector said was dangerous, did some major landscaping, got the grass healthy, powerwashed the sidewalks and house, painted the siding and got new shutters, a new door and mailbox, painted the front steps, and cleared out the carport. Wheeeeeeew!

FrontOfHouseHere’s a few other quick photos of some of the things we’ve done:


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