Oh, Good Golly…

Please meet Molly.

Ooooh, Molly. We weren’t looking for you, you found us. You stole my heart, despite being stinky and scared. It didn’t take you long to figure out you were safe in our home, and you settled right in. Our dog, Gordon, fell head over heels for you, despite the fact that at about 16 weeks, you already tower over his 12 pound frame. Love knows no boundaries, I suppose.

I wondered if we’d be able to keep you. I found you on a Thursday night and I had an entire weekend packed full of weddings and shoots. I had to leave you in the care of Joe. When I arrived home on Sunday afternoon, Joe had bought you a bed, your own food bowls, taken you to the vet (where we found out you’re a lab/sharpei mix), and you even had a nametag on your new collar, “Molly.”

I guess that answered my question.

Molly, we are so glad you’re here in our little family. Welcome.

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