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I don’t normally post notes from clients on my blog, but I was notified that a recent bride of mine had written something very sweet about me on TheKnot, so I had to peek. Wow. I totally teared up!

Carrie wrote the sweetest things, and I am so grateful that I was able to photograph her and Mike’s wedding a couple weeks ago.

This note she wrote totally validates that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing right now, and it feels so good! I am swamped in editing and contracts, but this note picked me right up, and I think I’m ready to finish out an amazing wedding season- three more left!

Here’s the note…

I wanted to take a moment to highly recommend Mary Kate McKenna as a photographer.

My wedding was on October 13th, and she was an absolute joy to work with. I haven’t even seen the majority of the pics yet…those will come in a couple of weeks, but she did post a handful on her blog and if the rest are anything like the ones she posted, I’m beyond thrilled.

I pretty much hate pictures of me–I never think I look good and have never been comfortable with a camera on me, so it takes a lot for me to look at pictures of myself and really say “wow…I like that!”

What I loved about her:

1) Her overall style–more of a photojournalistic style vs. cheesy wedding…of course, all wedding pics have a certain amount of cheese in them, but what I love about the pics I’ve seen so far is that she really was able to capture some unique moments and emotion.

2) Her professionalism–I tried so hard to be an organized bride…but by that last week before the wedding, details were just escaping me. I was braindead. I had put together a list of “wanted” photos, but when the day actually came, a lot of that went out the window as people weren’t where they were “supposed” to be, and as many of you know, trying to get family and friends to be where you “want” them for pictures is often like herding cats. MK was great at getting the pictures from the list, but being completely flexible and basically taking pics as I grabbed people. She was also wonderful at suggesting groups, places and poses that I hadn’t fully thought out in my pre-planning.

3) Her presence–she is warm and calm and friendly, and completely non-intrusive. I honestly rarely noticed her aside from the posed pics. And again…I haven’t seen the majority of the pics, so maybe I didn’t notice her because she really wasn’t taking pics, but I highly doubt that! From the few pics I have seen, she captured moments that I certainly had missed, and there were pics where I thought to myself “wow…I don’t even remember her being there!”In fact, I feel badly now that I didn’t pay more attention to her…I have no idea if she got dinner or needed anything, but it was a sign of a true professional in my opinion that she knew how to do her job without having to be in people’s faces all evening.

4) Her pricing–as we all know, getting married in the DC area comes complete with outrageous costs for the most part. I wanted really good pictures, but it wasn’t within my budget to pay the 6-10K that some of the first photographers I looked at wanted. Mary Kate’s services were completely reasonable, in my opinion. I would absolutely hire her again and obviously recommend her to anyone!

5) Her obvious love of photography–again, some of the early photogs I looked at seemed to be the stereotypical wedding photographers…no real creativity or appreciation of the art, in my humble opinion. What I loved first about MK was that photography is a great passion of hers and extends to other parts of her life; not just weddings.

And, just as a side note, yes, Carrie- I did get to eat and it was soooo good! It was Marco Polo’s very tasty dish of eggplant parmesan! Thank you, you’re the best!
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