Melissa & Luis- United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland

The wedding on Saturday, per usual, was amazing.

I took a beautiful drive to Annapolis to photograph Melissa and Luis’ wedding. Annapolis is such a charming town. Navy was playing Temple at home, so the streets were crowded with fans tailgating. It was a perfect November day for football… and a wedding!

It was very fitting that there was a football game going on at the Naval Academy, because that is exactly where Melissa and Luis Met! Through some friends, they met at a Navy football game tailgater. After graduating from the Naval Academy, Luis moved back to El Salvador to serve in his country’s navy, and Melissa (who went to American U, just like me!) went to graduate school. So much of their relationship was spent on the phone, writing letters, e-mailing, instant messaging and visiting whenever possible.

Despite the challenges that faced them, they kept their relationship growing by believing that one day they would find a way to be together. Finally, everything fell into place in the fall of 2005. Luis returned safely from Iraq, they took a trip to Italy (where they got engaged) and Luis got a job offer in the U.S.

Their six year relationship has strengthened with time, and I feel honored that I was present to see the final product- an amazing ceremony at the Navy Chapel, and then a fabulous night with their closest friends and family!

Enjoy your honeymoon in Puerto Rico, M&L!

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