Megan & Andy- Washington, DC

Like so many good things do, my relationship with Megan and Andy started in a bar.

A former co-worker of mine was enjoying some drinks at Fox & Hounds and met this lovely couple who had recently been engaged.  She mentioned she knew a wedding photographer, and Megan scrawled down my website address on a bar napkin.
Next thing you know, I’m meeting with them at Chef Geoff’s, drinking wine, and we’ve decided it’s a perfect match.
I realized that Megan’s name sounded familiar so I searched through my e-mails and found that I had actually corresponded with her five years ago when I was in undergrad studying African development (it’s true- international development and public communications were my majors- not photography!) and AIDS.  Megan frequently travels to the Congo working on AIDS issues and I had read a paper she had written on the subject- small world!
So I knew this was going to be a good wedding.  And I wasn’t disappointed.
I must send out a huge thank you to Tracy Timmester who was my right-hand woman all day yesterday.  I love working with Tracy because she just knows what to do and where to be and totally nails it!
I loved everywhere we went- getting ready at the Courtyard Marriott, the ceremony at St. Matthew’s Cathedral, formals at the sculpture garden and the reception at the fantastic National Museum of Women in the Arts.  Such a lovely day!
Megan and Andy, you guys are the best!  Enjoy your honeymoon in TANZANIA!!!
Taking the limo bus to the ceremony- Megan and her dad were hilarious
Both parents walked her down the aisle, and I loved it!
Is this place not incredible?!  And it’s in Dupont– double bonus!
Megan’s uncle was the priest and gave a sermon I’ll never forget!
Another one, just because it’s such an awesome place
Wine in Starbucks cups on the way to formals
Hooray for a perfect day
This is the bench where Andy proposed
Lovin‘ it!
Walking to the cocktail hour, which was in one of the galleries- so cool!
Megan’s dad was a sports announcer for many years and did a great job 
of announcing the bridal party into the reception!
First dance to Dixie Chick’s “Easy Silence” a tearjerker! (and one of my fave love songs!)
The toasts were so sweet
Happy birthday to a special aunt!
An untraditional father-daughter dance- to the twist!  Loooooved it!
Married for 43 years- congrats!
Almost everyone- and this was late at night!
Last dance
::UPDATE:: Megan & Andy just sent me the sweetest e-mail ever!

Andy and I keep saying to each other that we can’t believe how lucky we are to have the lives that we do.  Our wedding weekend was beyond our wildest dreams.  We’re still overwhelmed by it all.  Based on the sneak preview you’ve already sent, we are simply amazed at how well you captured the spirit of our wedding in the photos.  In addition to taking absolutely beautiful shots, everyone enjoyed meeting you and Tracy very much.  We had several people comment on how professional you were, but also how much fun they had chatting with you.  We really enjoyed spending the most special day of our lives with you both.

Thank you again for contributing your talents to making Saturday the most fun we’ve ever had.

Best wishes,

Megan and Andy
::sniff:  I absolutely LOVE my job!!!

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