Maura & Jeremy- Washington, DC

Hooray for Maura and Jeremy!

M&J were the first couple to book me for 2009 and I was very excited that I got to work with them- and now today after their e-pics, I’m even more excited!
It’s a funny story how they found me- my friend Owen, who I’ve known since 4th grade, was interviewed by Maura at Indiana University when they were both in college.  They became friends on facebook.  When Maura decided to go to grad school in DC at American, she peeked at her friend’s profiles who had friends in the area.  She found me!
So we’ve got animals, Indiana U (go Hoosiers!) and American U (go Eagles!) in common, and so much more.  I really love these two, and had so much fun hopping around Upper Georgetown with them this afternoon!
M&J- can’t wait for your ’09 wedding at my fave location- The Woodend!  🙂

Before we hit the city, we had to grab a photo of them with their kitty, Scrabble 🙂

Jeremy randomly dipped Maura at the end of our session… loved it!

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