Maura & Jeremy: Married!

Sweet, Sweet Sunday.

I usually fall head over heels for my couples, that’s not a secret. But sometimes it’s even difficult for me, a girl of many words, to precisely get my emotions across. That’s the problem with Maura + Jeremy… I am crazy about their love!
To begin with, we have a lot in common. We’re all from Indiana, both Maura and I met our guys at Indiana University, both of us went to American U, *and* we have an affinity for rescue animals and saving the planet in general. With so many of our passions overlapping, it was bound to happen, finding each other, somehow, in the maze that is DC wedding vendors!
Maura and Jeremy’s wedding took place at the breath-taking Woodend Sancturary in Chevy Chase, Maryland. This is one of my very favorite places for weddings!
M+J, you two rock my world I hope you enjoyed your honeymoon in the Keys! xo!
Amazing Vendors…
Premiere Makeup– Emily Forrester (my absolute fave fave fave!)
Gail’s Vegetarian Catering (best lasagna I’ve ever had, no joke!)
The finishing touches…
Jeremy’s face lit up when he saw Maura walking down the aisle!
It was too cold to be in the grove, but this was very special, too!
Our secret weapon: BOOTS! It was soooo muddy, but I knew Maura wanted to be in the grove for a few photos. So I got some boots, crossed my fingers that they fit her, and there you have it- wedding photos in the mud without muddy wedding shoes!
First dance. So sweet!
The guestbook looked awesome 🙂
So many AWESOME details!
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